QAYAD’s Real Estate Investment Project – What is our Solution?

Real Estate Shares and Units

Every idea blooms out in efforts to solve a problem…and so was this one. 

As someone growing in the middle class in rural areas, we all always witnessed housewives putting small committees and students saving coins aside, and use the treasure later on.

Times have changed now and the value of rupee, itself, has depreciated. In this era, middle and lower class individuals have no proper method to “save” their savings. So what’s the solution to this?

Observing the surroundings, QAYAD was built with the idea to let “everyone invest”. 

You, Me – all of us would love to have a piece of land to our name. But these projects cost a lot! Understandably, everyone cannot pay hefty sums for installments. 

The real estate industry of modern-day requires a new angle to it; a solution to bring ease of access for the clientele and affordability for all. QAYAD envisions to overcome these issues, combined with technological innovations and capabilities of the current day. 

With Qayad’s Real Estate Investment Project, you can invest in real estate project shares/units on a much smaller scale. Starting from 5 sq.ft. only! 

Here’s How it Works:

Let’s say a big piece of floor in any real estate project. This floor is purchased and divided into units/ shares called Q5 (5 Sq ft), Q10 (10 Sq ft), Q20 (20 Sq ft). For instance, a 1000 sq. ft. shop is divided into 50xQ20 shares or 100xQ10 shares or 200xQ5 shares. Now the investor can purchase from Q5, Q10, Q20 shares on any floor by making down payments starting from just PKR 20,000 …and rest of the amount in the form of installments as low as PKR 1,700 

Real Estate Units

Once the unit/ share is fully paid for, the investor can get a daily profit. Now you may think why not go for gold, bonds, bank, or equity? The reason is that our project allows the investor to earn a daily profit as well as capital gain after a year which can be up to 30% per annum. 

What we have here, is a very convenient solution for all. With Qayad‘s ubiquitous Estate Management Portal, you can buy, sell, resell, and check for the costs of your shares’ / units’ price. So now, whether you are a businessman, a housewife, a student, or salaried employee, EVERYONE can invest in units as per their pockets.

We don’t want you to empty your wallets… and that is exactly why we are offering a socially considerate investment option with profitable returns!

So ask yourself, what else are you looking for?

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