Real Estate Stocks: Look Beyond Buying Property

When I was a kid, I used to think that money literally grows on trees and so, everyone has equal access to it. Unfortunately, I was wrong. 

The reality: We are divided into classes. About 50 million of our own population is deprived of luxuries to life. 

Real Estate Investment

The Problem

Up till now, real estate investment was out of budget for our middle-classed people. The lucrative profits, the profitable ROI, and having a property under your own name – these were all forbidden luxuries for the majority of us. 

We observed that although people invested, the percentage of investors was very low. It was a 3:10 ratio of investors which implies that a major chunk of people did not invest. As it turns out, the main reason has always been the lack of sufficient funds. It makes sense because the average income of a Pakistani is about PKR 30,000 per month.

The question here is simple: HOW TO OVERCOME THIS ISSUE?

The Solution

Our main focus was on this segment of society which is always left for low yielding investment. So, for the first time in Pakistan, QAYAD is bringing forth a new concept ‘OneFitsForAll’. We believe in offering an equal investment opportunity to all so our solution – Real Estate Stocks – targets specifically:

1. Housewives who get monthly pocket-money

2. Students receiving a stipend and/or monthly pocket-money

3. Fixed Salaried Employees earning 30k and above

4. Senior Citizen looking for a second income stream

5. Business Owners looking for investment Opportunity

Real Estate Stocks

Want to know how it works? Check THIS Out 

QAYAD – One Fits For All

Our idea of real estate stocks is tapping into a different segment of society. QAYAD is now including people who were not actively participating in socio-economic growth.

Not only is it profitable, but also affordable….and yes, this is NOT ALL. Much more is yet to come!

Because for QAYAD, the limit is BEYOND THE SKY.

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