Pakistan Real Estate 2020 – Will this be THE Year of Transformation?

Pakistan Real Estate 2020

As one of the pillars of any economy, real estate is where most of the wealth is concentrated. In fact, according to the World Bank, nearly 60% of a country’s total wealth is stored in its real estate assets. Applying these estimates to our country, Pakistan’s real estate sector is worth $300 – $400 billion!

Pakistan’s real estate industry suffered a lot in 2020 due to many reasons such as political instability and worsening economic conditions. However, the sector is expected to see a boom of investments in 2020 and 2021. Owing to the government’s latest policies for the real estate sector and the latest developments across the country, much more are expected to transform into this sector. 

Pakistan Real Estate 2020

Let’s talk about the two most important policies that have been introduced for Pakistan Real Estate 2020:

Less Regulation on the Source of Investment

According to the first policy, people looking to invest in real estate or construction sector will not be interrogated for the source of income. This will make the investors feel more secure and as a result, fluent investment mechanisms will be designed.

Fixed Taxes for Real Estate and Construction

The second policy is that there will be a fixed tax rate for the construction and Pakistan Real Estate 2020. The goal of this policy to eliminate any corruption in the sector and bring ease into the process. The taxes here are to be calculated based on square yards.

This is great news for the investors!

So NOW is definitely the best time to invest.

But here’s the question: Can EVERYONE invest?

We all know that although real estate offers lucrative profits, it comes with an issue as well; huge upfront payments!

Up till now, real estate investment was out of budget for our middle-classed people. The lucrative profits, the profitable ROI, and having a property under your own name – these were all forbidden luxuries for the majority of us. 

We observed that although people invested, the percentage of investors was very low. It was a 3:10 ratio of investors which implies that a major chunk of people did not invest. As it turns out, the main reason has always been the lack of sufficient funds. It makes sense because the average income of a Pakistani is about PKR 30,000 per month.

The Ultimate Solution – QAYAD

QAYAD is a PropTech company that focuses on the segment of society which is always left for low yielding investment. For the first time in Pakistan, we are bringing forth a new concept ‘OneFitsForAll’. We believe in offering an equal investment opportunity to all and so does our solution.

Pakistan Real Estate 2020

Now you can invest in real estate shares/units of 5 sq. ft. , 10 sq. ft. , and 20 sq. ft.

  • Investments Starting from just Rs. 20,000! 
  • Monthly installments are also as low as Rs. 1,700 Only!

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