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73 years ago, our ancestors made a decision.

A decision that transformed the lives of generations and generations.

Yes, that decision was FREEDOM.

Today, we celebrate 73 years of independence…to practice our religion, to move around, and pretty much spend our entire lives.

Sounds like a normal thing, right?

But not everyone is blessed with this feeling. Don’t believe me?
Have a looks at this:

We need to value the sacrifices of our ancestors and build-up this country day and night.

So how can we contribute?


QAYAD, being a proptech company, strives to bring the best real estate projects in Pakistan. Inspired from the concept of stock exchange, we are offering extremely affordable investment opportunity in shares/units. We believe in offering an equal investment opportunity to all and so does our solution. Therefore, our focus is on the segment of society which is always left for low yielding investment

You must be wondering how affordable this shares/units concept is, right?

Well here, investments are starting from only Rs. 20,000! Moreover, installments are as low as Rs. 1,700. When you are investing in QAYAD, you can expect 1% profit monthly with 25-30% Capital Gain!

This independence day, QAYAD is celebrating in a unique manner. 

azadi offer

On top of the excellent opportunity that QAYAD is bringing, there is a special Independence month offer (Valid till Aug 30). 

Now, upon investment in QAYAD shares/units, you can get a profit of 1.2% instead of 1%!

Hurry up Azadi Offer Valid Till: Aug 30, 2020

Want to learn more? Dial our UAN +923310222786 or visit                    

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