Real Estate Trends in European Countries

Real Estate Trends

We have been talking about the real estate industry trends for a long while. But is it in Pakistan only?

Actually, no. According to the World Bank, nearly 60% of a country’s total wealth is stored in its real estate assets!

Let’s talk about European Countries, for instance.

Since the last decade, European countries have seen a significant shift towards real estate investment owing to the recently unlocked methods to generate value and income. According to Blackstone’s report, a whopping $20.5 billion was recently raised in real estate investment funds. 

So why is Real Estate such a focal attraction in Europe?

Low-Interest Rates:

The European Central Bank (ECB) has kept interest rates as low as 0 – 0.25% which plays a great role in offering buyer’s the ideal opportunity to purchase property in Europe. Owing to the minimal interest rates, investors find European real estate very lucrative. Besides, real estate offers cash yield or active income in the form of net rentals. 

Stable Investment:

Germany is considered one of the biggest European economies. It has, in fact, stayed unaffected since the 2000s so this country offers the most stable investment option. With over one million refugees and record low unemployment, Germany has seen growth in real estate investment, especially since dec’16

Climate Conditions:

Spain, on the other hand, holds a warm climate which is ideal for tourists. Right now, Spain holds about 2.8 million foreign residents while the number of tourists continues to increase. Over the span of the next 6 years, the Spanish government is expecting one million more foreign residents.  

Sounds promising – doesn’t it? 

Yes, we know but you and I cannot target the European Market owing to our financial situation. So we have researched key takeaways from how European Real Estate operates. Let’s discuss a few:

Understanding your Target Market: 

European Market fluctuates with time and earning potential can actually drop without a warning – which is not bearable for us. Our target market is 750 million Pakistanis who earn about 30-40k PKR per month (Read More: Average Income and the Middle Class). We cannot afford that type of fluctuation – can we? So it is important to bring a way to be able to predict the prices of the market. Say if you are given the feature to be able to view expected future prices of your property, you would know when it’s going where.

Starting Investment from the Right Property: 

When searching for real estate trends in Europe, it is suggested to start low and move to challenge properties later. An ideal situation could be to start with personal residence and avoid prize properties (auctioned). 

So is it the Same in Pakistan?

Unfortunately, here in Pakistan, we get limited options to explore in real estate so we have to look for the most promising projects. 

Luckily for you, QAYAD is set to bring a variety of options just like a menu card for you. 

Qayad has thoroughly researched the global real estate market and constructed a solution based on best practices just for you.

Who Are We?

QAYAD, being a proptech company, strives to bring the best real estate projects in Pakistan. Inspired by the concept of stock exchange, we are offering extremely affordable investment opportunity in shares/units. We believe in offering an equal investment opportunity to all and so does our solution. Therefore, our focus is on the segment of society which is always left for low yielding investment

You must be wondering how affordable this shares/units concept is, right?

Well here, investments are starting from only Rs. 20,000! Moreover, installments are as low as Rs. 1,700. When you are investing in QAYAD, you can expect a 1% profit monthly with 25-30% Capital Gain!

Independence Month Offer

Azadi Offer

On top of the excellent opportunity that QAYAD is bringing, there is a special Independence month offer (Valid till Aug 30). 

Now, upon investment in QAYAD shares/units, you can get a profit of 1.2% instead of 1%!

Hurry up Azadi Offer Valid Till: Aug 30, 2020

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