PROPTECH: Technology shaping the future of Real Estate

Proptech, a new tech-centric term, has gained immense popularity in recent years. 

Essentially, Proptech refers to any business that uses technology in order to buy, rent, sell, design, manage, and construct residential/commercial property

So basically, Proptech is the digitalized version of real estate. It is not only about the physical progression towards change in the digital landscape, but also a change in the mentality. 

As the world bank states, ‘the real estate assets of a country contribute to about 60% of its wealth’!

The History of Digitalization in Real Estate: 

The world, in general, has seen three waves of Proptech. 

Let’s discuss how we reached where we are today. Proptech 1.0 began in 2007 when online listings became a trend in real estate. Obviously, there was initial reluctance but then we progressed to e-commerce, and trends were adopted by the real estate industry as well. 

In 2008, the world saw concepts of a smart building, smart homes, and shared spaces. Now that was Proptech 2.0 which focused on the usage of VR and data analytics for offering specialized services to customers. 

Proptech 3.0 is what the world is currently at; this includes usage of solar power, artificial intelligence, drones, unmanned aerial vehicles, and much more!

Digitalization of Real Estate in Pakistan:

Now it is important to understand where we lie, technology-wise, on this globe of about 7.594 billion population. The problem is, Pakistan is still a developing country and in terms of digitalization, we have just stepped into the transformation phase.

Up till now, the real estate here has followed the traditional methods of meeting clients and having them visit multiple times to check, invest, and work with properties. There have been three big problems in this method:

  1. People cannot travel over and over again to get documentations done.
  2. They are not aware of the updated prices of their property over time.
  3. Only a small audience can invest due to heavy down payments.

Now, this is where QAYAD comes in.

Proptech Real Estate

QAYAD – The Futuristic Solution:

Inspired by the concept of the stock exchange, we are offering extremely affordable investment opportunity in shares/units. As a proptech company, QAYAD strives to bring the best real estate projects in Pakistan. We believe in offering an equal investment opportunity to all and so does our solution. Therefore, our focus is on the segment of society that cannot afford the hefty down payments. 

You must be wondering how affordable this shares/units concept is, right

  • Investment Opportunity:

Well here, investments are starting from only Rs. 40,000! 

Moreover, you can pay this amount easily by breaking it down into 50% downpayment and extremely affordable monthly installments.

  1. Down Payments starting from Rs. 20,000
  2. Installments as low as Rs. 1,700. 
  • Profits and Capital Gains:

When you are investing in QAYAD, you can expect a 1% profit monthly and an increase in the value of your property share up to 30% in one year!

  • No Need to Travel:

With our online real estate portal, you don’t need to travel. You can always look up your property’s current price and updates online and stay up-to-date on the go! 

Its time to step towards digitalization because the future is here!

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