QAYAD – Revolutionizing the Traditional Real Estate Practices

Traditional Real Estate

Around a decade earlier, real estate held a different meaning and was targeted for a different audience.

However, times have changed. 

We are rapidly entering a new era of real estate and it is extremely important to understand what has caused it – or how is it going to bring a shift in real estate trends – particularly in Pakistan.

So without further ado, let’s dive right into it.

Traditional Vs. Modern Real Estate Practices:

Traditional real estate marketing focused solely on a salesperson and their ability to convince any person into purchasing a piece of land. So the sale/purchase of any property relied solely on a seller’s interpersonal skills and knowledge of products.

Today, however, the customer is more empowered.

The audience of today requires more control over how they access information or the variety of products they get to choose from. But that’s not the only thing. The problem with traditional real estate marketing methods is that our attention has shifted. As a society, we are focusing lesser on the physical world around us – while what interests us more is the digital world.

Traditional Real Estate Selling:

In the late 1960s to 1990s, most sellers used to close deals by using the following methods: 

  • Product Presentation: 

Instead of taking account of the buyer’s specific preferences, the sellers in prior times used to pick a property and sell it by creating a set of needs to which the buyer could relate. 

So basically, in traditional practices, there weren’t a variety of properties to choose from. Instead, buyers were given the option to check a single investment option only.

  • Property Knowledge: 

Traditional Selling required the real estate agent to have in-depth knowledge of the property so that they could convince potential buyers into making an offer.

  • Limited Market:

As we are all aware, real estate has always been a source of lucrative profits and great benefits. However, is it affordable? Well, in the past, real estate investment options have only included houses, shops, apartments, or different investment options covering 500 sq. ft. and above. Such options always made real estate investment limited to a certain audience and not everyone was able to invest.

So, what has changed now?

What’s the secret behind the sudden transformation in the real estate industry?

THIS is a miracle of technology. Like pretty much every industry, technology has also entered the real estate industry and we have now entered the phase that is generally known as modern real estate.

Modern Real Estate Selling:

Modern Real Estate

In the modern selling approach, the customer holds all the power. We have to provide complete information control and offer a variety of options along with aligning property options according to buyers’ preferences. This requires the salesperson to have a better understanding of customer’s mindsets. In the current practices, our focus is on:

  • Focusing on Customer’s Needs:

In today’s world, the buyers already have a list of requirements that they require within their property and so, we have to offer them options that include solutions to the buyers’ needs. To make a successful sale, you have to present properties that have the specific features that your client is looking for.

  • Using Technological Resources – PROPTECH:

Modern real estate requires the utilization of technology (often termed as Proptech). Today, the options come to the clients instead of requiring them to visit offices or sites. So the real estate of today needs to essentially connect buyers directly with property projects. 

QAYAD – Traditional or Modern?

Let’s just say, its the perfect fusion recipe. Team QAYAD has carefully built this real estate platform.

You see, while it is extremely important to have sales agents having in-depth knowledge of the product, it is also important to offer a wider range of options along with flexibility. So what we have done is, we have brought both of them.

Our digitalized real estate portal, QAYAD, is inspired by the concept of the stock exchange. Here, we are offering extremely affordable real estate shares/units so as to equal investment opportunity to all and so does our solution. 

You must be wondering how affordable this shares/unit concept is. Right?

As I mentioned earlier, regular property options cover 500 sq. ft. and above – which takes investment out of range for the majority audience. 

How Does it Work?

Let’s say a big piece of floor in any real estate project. This floor is purchased and divided into units called Q5 (5 Sq ft), Q10 (10 Sq ft), Q20 (20 Sq ft). For instance, a 1000 sq. ft. the shop is divided into 10xQ20 units or 30xQ10 units or 100xQ5 units. 

QAYAD investment

Learn more about it here.

So how is it beneficial? Here’s how:

  • Investment Opportunity:

Well here, investments are starting from only Rs. 40,000! 

Moreover, you can pay this amount easily by breaking it down into a 50% down payment and extremely affordable monthly installments. Down Payments are starting from Rs. 20,000 and installments are as low as Rs. 1,700. 

  • Profits and Capital Gains:

When you are investing in QAYAD, you can expect a 1% profit monthly and an increase in the value of your property share up to 30% in one year!

Sounds Interesting but isn’t technology already around for a while now?

Well, it has been. But not in Pakistan.

You see Pakistan is still a developing country and in terms of digitalization, we have just stepped into the transformation phase….and QAYAD is amongst the leaders who have chosen to step up this game in our country

So are you ready to be a part of the next BIG change in real estate? 

Join QAYAD and you will definitely become a part of this digital drive!

Want to learn more? Dial our UAN +923310222786 or visit

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