Physical to Digital: QAYAD’s role in Real Estate Technology

In the wake of COVID-19, Pakistan has gone through a massive digital transformation. Not only have e-commerce stores become popular, pretty much all transactions are being rapidly carried out online. 

Real Estate Technology

Like every other industry, real estate requires total digitalization as well…and keeping this requirement in view, some portals have been launched as well to promote Real Estate Technology. The problem is that current portals have only partial digitalization. After clicking through the first few pages, you are redirected to manual services.


Exploring through real estate in the pre-COVID era was a tiresome activity itself. You see, the entire process of discovering, shortlisting, and then finally buying a property involves extensive struggle and hard work for both buyers and sellers. Obviously, COVID-19 caused lockdowns and physical meetings became impossible. But hey, we are improvising. 

Real Estate Technology – Proptech

Real Estate is a highly profitable and useful industry and therefore, we have gone above and beyond to bring the whole real estate online. 

But at the same time, we are presented with several challenges. 

For example, the shift of traditional practices is not easy to adopt for both realtors and customers. As real estate businesses, obviously, we have to focus on property area and management as well. Now, it is essential to focus on how people work, shop, and live around.

Besides processing and understanding, this big data is a huge challenge in itself. But, in order to deliver optimum services of property, we have to make it happen.

Understandably, it has been a challenge to move towards total digitalization but since COVID-19, our practices have drastically shifted. It has, therefore, become easier and acceptable to go fully online. 

QAYAD real Estate

Besides our dedicated IT-based team has ensured delivering user-friendly solutions along with a multitude of easy-to-understand trainings for real estate stakeholders. What we are offering, is an excellent investment opportunity for you to earn the lucrative profits you desire.

With real estate technology, instead of having to physically visit every single property, you can get online listings. Since it is both convenient and safe, this trend is here to stay as buyers are easily adopting this approach.

What is QAYAD Offering?

QAYAD is offering a total digitalized turn key solution for real estate investors all around the globe. With, we are offering total digitalization from login to purchase. We are offering customers the option to buy, sell, and resell their units independently via a completely automated, online dashboard. 


With the QAYAD portal, an excellent real estate technology, you will be able to carry out finance management, property management, and document management – all online. So basically this will be more like your wallet account which will allow you to carry out online deals as well as payment.

Is that All? 

No, this is just the Tip of the Iceberg.

A Bigger Problem – Affordability

Here, in Pakistan, we have a bigger problem; affordability.

Out of about 200 million population of Pakistan, around 50 million are termed as ‘middle-class’ which includes you and me. 

Up till now, real estate investment was out of budget for us average salary holders. The lucrative profits, the profitable ROI, and having a property under your own name – these were all forbidden luxuries for the majority of us. 

The main reason, obviously, has always been the lack of sufficient funds. It makes sense because the average income of a Pakistani is about PKR 30,000 per month. 

The question here is simple: HOW TO OVERCOME THIS ISSUE?


We discussed – the digital portal – and now we will share the formula it is operating on.

With conventional selling, you can invest in 1000 + sq. ft. units in different real estate projects. However, as I mentioned, this investment is not affordable for everyone. With QAYAD, you can get shares/ units as low as 5, 10, and 20 sq. ft. 

Real Estate Tech

How it Works

Let’s say a big piece of floor is purchased in any real estate project. 

This floor is divided into units/ shares called Q5 (5 Sq ft), Q10 (10 Sq ft), Q20 (20 Sq ft). For instance, a 1000 sq. ft. shop is divided into 10xQ20 shares or 30xQ10 shares or 100xQ5 shares. 

Now the investor can purchase from Q5, Q10, Q20 shares on any floor. You can also purchase more than one shares according to your pocket-size. The main idea is to bring real estate within range of everyone while ensuring lucrative profits for all.

…and this is not all.

Investing in QAYAD real estate comes with a 1% monthly profit and up to 30% capital gain!

Real Estate Technology

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