What is Hotel Apartment Investment?

Are you looking for your next big investment? Something which brings you passive income? 

If you are searching for something with higher returns and lower investment, Hotel Investment is the correct option for you.

Hotel Apartment investments are now being taken as the next big thing in real estate.

Possibly the biggest misconception regarding Hotel Apartment investment is its very definition – a major chunk of the audience assumes that in Hotel Apartment investment, once invested, you will be responsible for the room like it’s your part-time job.

The reality, however, is far from this.

Hotel Apartment Investments are like any other investment but on a relatively smaller scale, with faster ROI (Return on Investment). Investing in hotels is more like capitalizing in a unit as Buy-to-Let Investment; you buy a unit and let it out to paying guests.

Get up to 30% capital gain on your investment every YEAR

Fundamentals of Hotel Apartment Investment

So, how did the concept of Hotel Apartment investments begin?

Ever since the global financial crisis (2007-2008), banks have been more watchful about where they lend money and as per current trends, they don’t seem to be helping hotel companies. In such scenarios, hotels all around the globe are now turning to the public as a source of funding.

So what’s the take for the public in it? Why should they invest in it?

Investments starting from 40,000 PKR only!

With the option to invest in smaller installments and then earning monthly profits, hotel investments are proving to be a win-win situation for both companies and investors.

Earning Opportunities

One of the most important queries in investment is regarding earning. If you’re earning only a small return then there is little or no point in wasting your time on Hotel Apartment investment. Fortunately, QAYAD offers your opportunity of earning 1% profit on your Hotel Apartment per month along with a 30% capital gain per year

Benefits of Hotel Apartment Investment

So what are the benefits of Hotel Apartment investment? What YOU, as an investor, would get out of it? Let’s discuss:


Of course, all investments come with risk – that’s how it is. However, with opportunities such as investing in reputable hotel companies, you can expect a fantastic success rate. The risk of loss is invincible but choosing reliable hotel companies can certainly reduce the risk.


As discussed earlier, the returns on hotel investment are healthy. Along with a 12% profit in your investment per year, you can earn up to 30,000 PKR in your Hotel Apartment investment per month.


Isn’t it everyone’s dream to earn money without having to move even a bit? Well, Hotel Apartment investments are the answer to it. With the hotel company managing rooms, cleaning stuff, and ensuring optimal customer experience, you don’t have to move or work on your investment. What’s more, is that it can act as a great supplement to your regular income.

Why Hotel Apartment Investments with QAYAD

QAYAD’s relationship with you doesn’t end with the completion of installments. Certainly, investing in a stunning hotel property with QAYAD marks the starting of an exciting journey where the incentives and rewards equate to much more than just lucrative Returns on Investment. We pride ourselves in offering our hotel apartment owners something very special which goes beyond enticing profits and remarkable developments. 


Overall, the benefits of Hotel Apartment investment outweigh the drawbacks as long as you choose a reliable company like QAYAD. With support regarding sales and property investment, we can explain exactly how the process works so you feel confident before investing your hard-earned money!

To book your property investment or get more information regarding this real estate project, we invite you to contact our investor hotline at +923310222786

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