6 IMPORTANT Reasons why you need to invest in Hotel Apartments

Invest in food courts with QAYAD and get up to Rs. 77,500 per month!

Posted by QAYAD on Monday, 19 October 2020

Hotel apartments, a highly profitable property investment type, are something that investors should consider adding to their portfolio. Here’s why.

Usually when you consider “property investment”, you may get an image of a house or plot in mind. Right? I get it because that’s how we have all been imagining property so far. But here, there are other profitable forms of investment available as well. One of the most popular ones, hotel apartment investment, is a short-term investment with an immediate substantial income.

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Typically houses are long-term investments that may bring substantial income but can collapse with the fluctuating market. Hence, it is much more profitable to finance short-term investments.


You choose a hotel, invest in an apartment, and sit back to collect your income! What’s more, is your hotel apartment becomes part of the constant stock where it is managed and serviced as part of the hotel. 

Purchasing your own hotel apartment replicates the buy-to-let market with short-term tenants. As it is part of a hotel, it is up to the hotel management team to advertise, fill the room, take care of the booking, collect the fee, and clean the space. Hence, they basically do all the work and then pay you the money that you are owed!

You can earn up to PKR 77,500 monthly rent on your hotel apartment investment!

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Posted by QAYAD on Saturday, 17 October 2020

Isn’t that awesome?

Purchase a property and get paid along with all the tear and wear. You won’t get that with houses or apartments. Would you?


On average, your yearly income can range from 7-8% of the total cost of your hotel. Our latest project “Grande QAYAD Hotel” offers investors an outclass opportunity: You can earn up to 77,500 PKR on your hotel apartment investment per MONTH. Moreover, the value of your property will increase by up to 30% every year!


With the rise of real estate investments’ trend, investors have a variety of options to choose from. In this scenario, companies cannot disregard the competition in the market for real estate companies.

So what makes one real estate investment better than others? PROFITABILITY and AFFORDABILITY.

QAYAD stands tall due to the excellent benefits that it offers on affordable investments. You can enjoy:

Minimum Investment: 

The minimum investment is Rs. 40,000 only! 

So you can invest with just Rs. 40,000 or break it down into downpayment + monthly installments. For the latter, you can invest by making down payments as low as PKR 20,000 and submit the rest of the amount in the form of monthly installments as low as PKR 1,700.

Monthly Profit: 

Once fully paid for, you can earn a 1% profit monthly that adds up to 12% profit on your investment YEARLY!

Capital Gain: 

Furthermore, your property will be subjected to up to 30% of capital gain every year. This means that the value of your property will increase by up to 30% per annum. 

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One of the biggest perks of investing in hotel apartments is its accessibility to the masses. The hotel industry is one of the fastest-growing industries globally hence organizations are increasing their exposure to hotels. Many private investors don’t like investing in funds, they like to keep control of their own investments, but short of buying a hotel, they are stumped. Hence, by investing in hotel apartments investors can keep control of their property investment.

Constant Income:

With many hotels fluctuating your income with highs and lows of the market, QAYAD stands at a difference: You earn while staying within budget!

But is it all a win-win situation? No! 

Want to know about the risks involved? We’ll definitely discuss that in the next article!

Low Risk:

Investing in a hotel apartment tends to be one of the lowest risk investments out there. We can choose to invest in only the biggest and most reputable establishments. When you are investing in a recognized brand, like QAYAD, you will definitely have an excellent experience especially since it is an SECP registered company.

Invest Karo Sirf Rs. 40,000 se aur bano Maalik Hotel Apartment Kay !Salana 12% Munafa aur zameen ki Keemat mei 30% tak Izafa.Sirf QAYAD Kay Sath !

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Instead of buying a whole property or forming a joint venture, potential investors can buy a hotel apartment in QAYAD and collect up to as a consistent yearly income. 

…and that’s it! Win-Win Proposition it is

You know why? 

Because the initial expense will be much lower than buying a full hotel, but the rewards, over the long-term, are very positive and in favor of the investor. 

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