Comparison for the investors to invest in Qayad Management vs. Stocks vs. Real Estate

Many investors have traditionally turned towards the stock market as a place to put their Capital. As we know, stocks are a well-known investing option, but not everyone knows that real estate is also considered a good investment option. Under the right circumstances, we can say stocks have an alternative (real estate). Yielding better returns, lower risk, and providing greater diversification.

Whether it’s planning for saving for a college fund, retirement, or earning residual income. Individuals need investment plans that fit their needs and budgets.


The investment decision is a personal choice that depends on the financial situation of the investor. Their goals of investment, risk tolerance, and investment style mean how they want to invest.

stock market and real estate have different opportunities and risks.

Real estate is not as liquid as stocks and requires more time and money, but it does provide the potential for substantial appreciation and a passive income stream.

Stocks are subject to economic market and inflationary risks but don’t require a big cash flow and they are easy to buy and sell.


Investment is a personal choice that depends on your tolerance of risk, goals, financial situation, and investment style. Stocks don’t take as much time or money to buy Real Estate. If you are investing in a Real Estate project you have to save and put down a substantial amount of money which is very difficult in 2020 due to the arrival of the second wave of pandemic (COVID-19)

When you buy Stocks you buy a whole little part of that company. In general, you can make money two ways with Stocks exchange ONE is value appreciation as the dividend.

When you buy Real Estate you are acquiring a property (physical land). Most real estate investors make money by collecting partial profits (which is called RENT) and through annual appreciation as the property’s value goes up. With the added benefit of diversification.

There are several considerations for investors when choosing between investing in Real Estate and buying Stocks as an investment but Qayad Digital Portal provided investors to buy the whole unit/tiny piece of luxury apartments. On which they can enjoy all the perks of real estate and stocks. Qayad management team is going to bring all Real Estate luxury apartments of Pakistan to this Digital Portal. Where you can buy and sell your Share of apartments easily and you can evaluate your future investments according to the growth.


Investing in the stock market makes the most sense that boosts your returns. But those perks are not always available and there is a limit to how much you can earn profit from them.

Comparing the returns of Qayad Digital Portal and Stocks. The comparison of Qayad Digital Portal to Real Estate to Stocks Market is as Pomegranate to Apples to Oranges. The factors that affect price values and returns are very distinct.

As the chart demonstrates both Stocks and Real Estate can take a big hit during economic recessions. Note that the big dips occurred during the 2008 Great Recession and 2020, COVID-19 crisis.



The housing bubble and banking crisis of 2008 brought a decline for investors in the Stocks and the stock markets-and the COVID-19 crisis is doing it all over again albeit for different reasons. Still, it’s important to remember that Real Estate and Stocks have very different risks overall.

Here is something which should be considered. When it comes to Stocks and the risks associated with it. The most important risk that people miss, is that the Stocks require a lot of research. It’s not something that you can go into casually and expect immediate results or returns. Stocks are not an asset that is easily liquidated and it can’t be cashed in quickly. This means you can’t cash it out when you’re binding.

Those who own rental properties have the risk of repairs or managing rentals. Some of the main issues have come across are, the costs not to mention the time and headache of having to deal with tenants. And you may not be able to take them off if there’s an emergency with you.

Pros & Cons: Real Estate

Real Estate investors have the advantage to gain leverage on their Capital and take leverage on substantial-taxes. Although Real Estate is not, liquid as the stock market. The long-term cash ingestion gives a passive income and promises of appreciation.

Despite this, it’s important to consider the amount of money that goes into Stocks investments.

Since Stocks is not as liquid as you can’t rely on selling your properties immediately when you may be in need.


·       Passive income

·       Tax advantages

·       Hedge against inflation

·       Ability to leverage


·       More work than buying Real Estate

·       Expensive and illiquid

·       High transaction costs

·       Appreciation isn’t guaranteed

Real Estate

Pros & Cons: Stocks: 

The stock is subject to several different kinds of risk market economic and inflationary risks. Ticklish can be caused by company-specific and geopolitical events. We Say for instance a company has operations in another country this foreign division is subject to the laws and rules of that nation.

But if that country’s economy has problems, or any political troubles arise the company’s stock may decline. Real Estate is also subjected to the economic cycle as well as monetary policy regulations, tax revisions or, even changes in the interest rates set by a country’s central bank.

Consider this, dividend-paying Real Estate can generate reliable income but it would take a considerable investment in a high-yielding dividend stock to generate enough income to sustain retirement without selling additional securities.


·       Highly liquid

·       Easy to diversify

·       High transaction fees

·       Easy earning 


·       More volatile than Stocks

·       Selling Real Estate can trigger big taxes

·       Some Real Estate move sideways for years

·       Potential for emotion-driven investing


Qayad Digital Portal

Qayad found a solution for all the problems of the investment in Real Estate and Stocks. As we have discussed the risks in Real Estate and Stocks Qayad Digital Portal provides a solution to buy/sell Shares of Stocks at any time just like the stock market. Investors can monitor their shares all the time. As they are holding their, investment in their hands.

Pros & Cons: Qayad Digital Portal

For investors, it does not take a huge cash infusion to get started in the Qayad Digital Portal making it an appealing option. Unlike Stocks more like Real Estate. Qayad is making Stocks as liquid as Stocks Exchange which can be easily bought and sold so you can rely on them in case of emergencies. It can also be very easy to build a well-diversified portfolio.


·       Highly liquid

·       Easy to diversify

·       Passive income

·       Appreciation is guaranteed

·       Ability to leverage


·       Some shares move sideways for years

Qayad Digital Portal

Final Words:

Qayad Digital Portal is a way to invest in Real Estate as Stocks, and where investors can buy and sell Real Estate like a stock.

While real estate offers you passive income and hedge against inflation, it holds high upfront costs. Stocks, on the other hand, bring you low transaction fees but hey it can trigger taxes for big years. When it comes to the QAYAD portal, we have handpicked the best features from stocks and real estate. So here, it does not take a huge cash infusion to get started in the Qayad Digital Portal making it an appealing option.

Qayad Hotel Twin Towers is providing 1% of the profit on your investment plus 25-30% of annual growth.

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