Women Empowerment in the Corporate Sector

“There is no tool for development more effective than the empowerment of women” 

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The 21st century – an era of significant technological improvements, business revolutions, and industrial improvisation. We have self-driving cars, automatic security systems, and loads of facilities. Yet, there is a large portion of society, especially in the Subcontinent, that does not have access to the rights being granted by our own constitution.

Yes, we are talking about “Rights of Women” or more precisely, the empowerment of women in the corporate sector.

Women Empowerment and Pakistan’s Law

According to Pakistan’s Legislature, articles 26 and 27 provide for equal access to public places and equality of employment in the public and private sectors.

But are we following this rule?

As a developing nation, we are progressing slowly but we are almost there!

Why are we so focused on bringing women into the corporate sector? Let’s discuss:

How is it good for the Company?

It’s not about equality alone. You see, a recent study by International Finance Corporation confirmed that incorporating more women into companies not only helps protect their rights but at the same time, it is also good for business. 

Here’s exactly why:

  1. Strengthening Teams: Females are proven to frequently possess the skill to unite people and bring together proposals as well as opinions. This competition favors the creation of teams, optimizes the decision-making process, and furthers participation.
  2. Multi-Tasking: The majority of women can not only multi-task but also multi-focus. This allows companies to support their training, in lieu of hiring new staff for opening positions.
  3. Empathy: As a natural instinct, females can relate through empathy and appreciation for others since they are typically more focused on individuals and their needs. This leads to not only their greater willingness to communicate but also contributes to solving disputes.

That’s not all! 

  1. Leadership Skills: According to another recent research by 360 Reviews, women are actually great at leadership skills! As per the analysis conducted, women are excellent in 17 / 19 capabilities that differentiate excellent leaders from average or poor ones! You can check the report here.
  2. Productivity: Another research by Hive confirmed that women work 10% harder in today’s corporate world.
  3. Better Management: Female managers are actually better at engaging their employees as well – 6% to be precise.

Women at QAYAD

QAYAD believes that investing in initiatives that support women at the workplace is a “win-win” situation since both employees and employers obtain real benefits. 

marketing strategist

This is exactly why 45% of our workforce comprises females. 

Where Are They Working?

  • Creative/ Marketing: Half of our digital media marketing & creative team consists of females. Why? Because of the creativity they bring! (Hey, even this article is being written by a female!)
  • Human Resources: The HR department requires a lot of patience and flexible behavior. Guess who? Yes! We have females and males equally working in the department.
  • Accounts/ Finance: Did you know a female’s brain processes information at a faster pace? Well, we know it which is exactly why women operate in our accounts and finance department as well!
  • Sales: When it comes to sales, it’s all about mastering the art of understanding your client. Not saying that men don’t do it well. But hey, women ace the job!

Extra-Curricular Activities

We understand that ‘All Work and no Play Makes Jack a Dull Boy’

women empowerment

QAYAD is, therefore, proud to present itself as the first-ever Women-Friendly Company promoting sports revival in Pakistan.

We have started with Table Tennis and we’ll be moving on to trips very soon!

Let’s not keep the corporate world all desk-bound or male-centric!

Times have changed, and so should we!

What do you think?

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