A December to Remember – QAYAD Memories

Amidst the COVID-19 crisis, we began our year with  New Hopes, New Ideas.

We introduced a pocket-friendly solution and explained every single aspect in detail. QAYAD portal is offering total digitalization from login to purchase. We are bringing customers the option to buy, sell, and resell their units independently via a completely automated, online dashboard. With the QAYAD portal, you will be able to carry out finance management, property management, and document management – all online.

Apart from explaining our solution, we also conveyed real estate – IT knowledge, celebrated national holidays, spread awareness, and played different games. Some of our most popular post topics included: 

Jummah Mubarik

As Muslims, we believe that Friday is a special day of worship. Being Pakistan’s first-ever revolutionary Real Estate Tech company, we ought to spread knowledge regarding the most special days. Therefore, we make sure to share ahadith or ayat every Friday.

Coronavirus Awareness

We discussed in detail about the symptoms of coronavirus and played our role in spreading awareness. We also spoke about taking necessary precautionary measures by staying home, washing hands, and maintaining at least 3ft. distance from the next person.


Came round our most favorite sports event, Pakistan Super League! 

So, at QAYAD, we celebrated the matches! Unfortunately, as a COVID-19 precautionary measure, the matches had to stop. But hey, we enjoyed it when the matches resumed..because we are #CricketKayDeewaney!

Sunday Special

Sundays are days to “relax” and spend some quality time with self. QAYAD endorses the idea and believes in promoting it. Therefore, we made sure to bring you the most amazing Sunday posts throughout the year!

Ramadan Special

The ninth month of the Islamic calendar, Ramadan Ul Kareem is the blessed month in which Muslims observe fast for 30 days, celebrating and reflecting on their faith. 

QAYAD, being a Pakistan-based Proptech company, made sure to spread knowledge regarding our precious religion during this holy month.

PM Announcement

We also spoke about the government’s latest policies for the real estate sector and the latest developments across the country.

The two most important policies were as follows:

  1. According to the first policy, people looking to invest in the real estate or construction sector will not be interrogated for the source of income. This will make the investors feel more secure and as a result, fluent investment mechanisms will be designed.
  2. The second policy is that there will be a fixed tax rate for the construction and Pakistan Real Estate 2020. The goal of this policy is to eliminate any corruption in the sector and bring ease into the process. The taxes here are to be calculated based on square yards.

Table Tennis Tournament

We feel like a corporate sector employee is all *Desk-Bound Lifestyle*. Therefore, QAYAD Table Tennis Tournament started on Nov 7th. This healthy recreational activity was arranged for the employees to bring them a chance to relax!

QAYAD Fest 2020

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Right?

So in order to bring some entertainment, Qayad is ending this year with a fun-filled in-house event for our hard-working employees. 

Final Words

2020 has been a depressing year in general. Many of us lost our jobs while others got a delay in salaries. Did you know: QAYAD is one of the top companies that did not lay off even a single employee or delay any salary. 

Do you wish to be a part? Join us in the journey towards the future of real estate. For more details, dial our UAN +923310222786 or visit https://www.qayad.com

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