QAYAD on World Human Rights Day, 2020

QAYAD and Basic Human Rights!

We, at QAYAD, believe that mere declarations and clauses are not enough to support this noble cause. Solid steps are taken by the organization and its employees from time to time to make sure that the people in the surroundings are living their lives according to the Charter of Human Rights. 

Not only this but the general policy of the firm is also centered around providing the public with state of the art residential and commercial facilities on the scale of profitability. 

QAYAD Family on World Human Rights Day

Human Rights Day, 2020 

Despite being the utter need of time, fundamental human rights were left ignored since the dawn of humanity. It was not until the 10th of December, 1948, that the general assembly of the United Nations adopted a declaration enforcing human rights across the globe. Since then, the document has been translated into different languages by private and government entities. To commemorate this day and pay tribute, the global Human Rights Day is observed every year.

The History

The UN General Assembly started paying tribute in this regard by issuing a stamp in the memory of all those nobles who served the purpose. Talking about the crux of this document, it focuses on having a uniform and appreciable standard of living for human beings across all civilizations. Since then, following the suit, members of the General Assembly are engaged to ensure the basic living standards in their respective communities. 

Milestones; How Far We Have Come?

It sounds necessary to mention some of the milestones in this direction. The journey started back in 1865 when the anti-slavery movement was at its peak. After a few years, history witnessed the most gruesome of all the holocausts in 1941 that lasted till 1945 that lead to massive manslaughter causing 11 million people to lose their lives. Ultimately in December 1948, the UN General Assembly felt necessary to formulate a document in this regard, The Human Rights Charter. The spirit was again refreshed in 2015 when Finland passed the Non-Discrimination Act to ensure that no discrimination of any sort will be tolerated in the state offices.

The Theme of 2020; Recover Better!

Every year a unique theme is set to cater to the needs of the time. This year’s theme is “Recover Better”, aiming to make efforts that are centered around helping the masses bounce back from the social and economic recession after COVID-19.


Perhaps the implementation of the clauses of this document is direly needed in third world countries where often more than 50% of the population is living below the poverty line. Pakistan being a struggling nation and emerging out of this bog of poverty and ignorance, is severely needing the implementation of these standards.

Share to Care by QAYAD

It is in these circumstances that QAYAD is leading the cause from the front and ensuring the provision of life facilities to the ignored masses of the homeland. All the policies of the firm are aligned with the charter of Human rights; the hiring, the promotions, and all the matters pertaining to employee welfare fall in line with humanitarian values. Aside from being involved in humanitarian activities throughout the year, QAYAD commemorated this day by the campaign of Share to Care!

Moment to Act…What Can You Do?

Well, you might be thinking how can a common person like you contribute to this noble cause? Every perplexing dilemma always comes with a simple solution. It is only needed to be implemented unanimously to ensure its effectiveness. Below mentioned are some of the ways you can make your name count in the list of heroes, in this hour of strife and grief:

  • Take good care of your neighbors and let them not feel alone at all.
  • Donate as much as you can, and to the right sources.
  • Follow the SOPs to contain the spread of this pandemic.

Final Thoughts

Like said before, the solution lies in being simple, and at this time, being cautious also won’t hurt a soul. To stay updated on different social, financial, and real estate topics, keep visiting our blog, for there is always more to learn and grow!

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