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How Far Have We Come?

It may sound nostalgic to some intellectuals out there, but we have come so far excelling in the real estate sector, in an astonishingly short span of time. In a market like Pakistan, where the masses are not so aware of all the latest happenings in the real estate scene, it becomes quite difficult sometimes to convey your message and make a difference. a trustable name in the PropTech Sector of Pakistan

The Challenges We Overcame

Perhaps the biggest of all the challenges was to include the audience earning relatively lesser than those who typically invest in real estate. To do so, began with its practical and efficient micro-investment schemes that proved to be a BIG HIT! Unlike its competitors who are usually focused on catering to the needs of the higher-earning sector of the country, made sure that everyone can have the ease to invest in their favorite real estate projects, that too in the twin cities. Now the brand is aiming to launch something BIG, revolutionary and digital in the realms of Prop-Tech…very SOON!

Public Awareness 

We began by educating the masses about the concept of micro-investments and daily profits. Being the leading prop-tech of the homeland, we have shed light on the investment opportunities near ya! Then we threw in the ideas of “How to Invest?”, without breaking a bank. This was the utter need of time as we believe that the real estate market of Pakistan needs to be at par with that of any other prosperous nation of the world.

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Our Progress…Godspeed!

The pace of our progress is often quoted by our competitors. came with a bang! With possibly the highest return rates, it penetrated the market and attracted quite a huge chunk of investors from the private, public, and corporate sectors. For the FIRST time in Pakistan, it introduced the concept of earning a profit, that too on a DAILY basis. The whole shebang of a STABLE passive earning seems quite intriguing when heard for the first time, but history has witnessed how many prop giants have played with your hard-earned money in this regard. We came through to break this trend! Very SOON you will be witnessing perhaps the biggest digital revolution of the decade from the corporate minds at…OneFitsForAll! not only made it all transparent but also ensured that it is kept as affordable as possible. It resulted in quite a mega influx of audience towards the firm. Housewives, students, and other citizens of the ilk in Pakistan have earned some fat stacks with us!

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Becoming a Fam

What initially started as a micro firm with a hand full of employees about a year and a half ago has now grown to a full fam, marked by the values of diversity, humanity, and respect for each other. Now stands as a well-reputed name in the league of real estate giants in the twin cities.

Looking Forward…

Having said all this, we are not putting a stop to our innovation here as we are planning something REAL BIG for the coming year. We will soon be digitalizing the shole scene of real estate in Pakistan, hence providing you with the ease of buying and selling your favorite real estate in your city. Yeah, property deals right at your fingertips!

The sky is the limit for those who want to fly high! Being practical and real minded, we are launching more projects in the coming days to give the real estate sector of Pakistan a boost. This is YOUR country, and YOU deserve to invest in its land, and we are the ones with whom you can get all this right! It may sound like a dream, but this is how far we have come!

Be There!

While looking forward to your new year’s beginnings, it won’t hurt keeping an eye on what we’re cooking, for the hype is REAL! Stay tuned to our Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, and Blog…you need to be there when we’ll go #digital!

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