How Avoided Being A Cliché in The Industry?

What’s the Buzz ‘Bout…?

If you have a smartphone and you keep tabs on social media, though occasionally, you surely would have stumbled across those cheesy sales pitches of property giants. Though the offers are pretty much valid and legit most of the time, they fail to convey the message they are supposed to deliver across the table.

Facebook…Standing Out from The Rest!

Take Facebook for example, the only word you have been hearing before was to “Invest in Real Estate”. The old players never cared to mention how to do so or simply how to make it worth your hard-earned money? All the old marketing gimmicks are being used by all the major stake holders in this regard but when it comes to providing the client with ease and innovation the masses are still waiting for a revolution in the sector. The Prop-Tech geeks at corporate headquarters after brainstorming thoroughly are planning to launch something BIG and DIGITAL in the real estate market…pretty SOON!

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This was not until jumped in with all the shebang and introduced a totally new concept of innovation, digitalization, and “Ease for All”.  Going through the posts on’s Facebook, you won’t feel being chased by some marketing mongers with the same decades’ old pitches. Rather we introduced the concept of micro-investments and earning the highest daily profits. Especially the students and housewives of the nation were keenly interested in our investment packages and up till now, a hefty chunk of our clientele is from the middle and lower middle earning demographic sections of the nation and this response is expected to hike up as soon as we will be going DIGITAL!

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Educate Then Pitch!

We believe in the concept of mass education hence we initiated our Facebook campaign by spreading awareness first and then spreading the world about our services and offers. Repeated customers, an indestructible market reputation and long-term client support, is what we have achieved from remaining true to our vision of “OneFitsForAll”!

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Fun in The Office…Fun on Insta!

Delving deep into the world of Instagram and all that jazz, there is no need to tell how badly poor marketing strategies and lack of brand awareness have destroyed this platform., like always, avoided the tag of being a cliché here as our posts are mostly FUN! We believe in a collaborative and friendly environment for it can render the maximum productivity out of any employee and delivers the best end-results to the client. It is evident from our posts that we have brought that friendly vibe of hospitality and good will from our corporate offices to our valued customers via Instagram. However, we also keep educating our clients about the new trends in the real estate sector of Pakistan along with our new and exciting investment packages.

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Our LinkedIn Game

LinkedIn although is a professional platform and the audience engagement tends to be quite formal there, has not only maintained the decorum of this platform by being professional there but also kept on educating the intellectuals and professional aspirants by posting its informative and enlightening articles there. This is the reason that the audience engagement on our LinkedIn account is way higher than our peers.

There is Plenty Beyond Hashtags!

We are beyond that race of hashtags and trends! We believe that our clients have the absolute right to know the ins and outs of the real sector, in general, and the projects in which they are investing with us, in particular. Owing to this philosophy of ours, we receive a heavy influx of questions from the audience of different backgrounds from within the country as well as abroad. Even those who do not have the plan to invest yet, leave their queries and curious inquiries to our social media handles to know more about the latest real estate happenings.

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What’s Next?

Having said all this, is not stopping here as there is way more ground to cover. We are SOON going entirely digital owing to our claim of being a “prop-tech” firm. Yeah! We’re gonna save you from all the hassle of buying, selling and trading of real estate in Pakistan for the very time on a mass scale. Thousands of our repeated customer are with us on this journey of ours towards digitalization. Keep visiting us on our Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube, for you don’t want to miss out this BIG revolution we are about to trigger in the real estate sector!

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