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Look fella! We all know that teams don’t tend to work properly without developing the notions of trust and mutual respect. To make this sure, all the corporations and multinationals organize trips and team building sessions for their dedicated employees. Following the suit,, a leading name in the corporate and PropTech sector of Pakistan, also arranged a trip for the sake of team building. To develop the notions of respect, trust, and cooperation, the higher management at decided to spare some time and have a nice corporate trip to some soothing place like Mushkpuri. Give it a read, for I am going to give ya’ll a glimpse of what we did and how it is going to help us focus on our work more!

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The Mushkpuri Top…

Located in the vicinity of Murree hills and Ayubia, Mushkpuri top is a relatively less explored place, making it more relaxing and quieter. The serenity of this place made it an ideal location to conduct our team building modules. We decided to leave for our destination by 7 am from Corporate Headquarters. Following the schedule, we reached there on time as speculated by us, around 10 am.

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Fun on the Way…Fun All the Way

The journey itself was a lot of fun, as the employees, working in different teams, got a chance to interact and know each other better. On our way, we decided to kick off this series of team building modules by playing dumb charades. Giggles and smiles everywhere! This activity really cheered up the vibes of the whole bus and also spread this message across the board that how mutual understanding is important in a corporate environment to know a situation accurately.

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The Surreal Beauty

Anyway, on reaching there, the aura was totally AWESOME. After witnessing the scenic beauty of the place for some moments, and having some snaps, we proceeded to hike towards Mushkpuri Top. And man, the view from there! God that was spectacular to the extent of being supernatural!

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The Team Building Modules

The modules we decided to conduct there were designed while keeping the ease and comfort of the participants in mind, and focusing on achieving some REAL results.

Tug of War

Among them, the very first module was Tug of War. Struggling and pushing together, this fun yet constructive activity not only makes the employees united but also highlights how you need to behave, unanimously, no matter what your working environment is, corporate or technical.

Snowman Making

After that we planned to build some snow men there. Besides having lots of fun, the mutual constructive capabilities of the employees really got highlighted through this activity. It also made us realize how the efforts of every participant are required to make something WORTHWHILE. Had lots of fun with the snow sculptures we tried to make, while they lasted. Man, they melt real quick!

Filling the Belly with Barbeque

Then, after returning from the hike, we sat down to have some barbeque. Although we couldn’t plan it by the night since we had to return back before dark, being a one-day trip, still it was a lot of fun…kind of a bonfire but in daylight! Had some discussion with our seniors and subordinates about our future goals and the current real estate market conditions along with some briefing about how we are going to pace things up a notch to match the sprint of our SOON to be released project, aiming to DIGITALIZE the REAL ESTATE sector of Pakistan. By the way, stay tuned to that as well, it’s going to be REVOLUTIONARY!

Blindfold Maze

We also played blind fold maze, in which you have to navigate through some hurdles blindfolded, only listening to the call of your team. As the description has already made it pretty clear, it infused among us the spirit of listening to the team. Just like in the corporate environment, whenever a project is going on, or a deal is maturing, listening to your team is a must! You cannot just venture on your own, for TEAM WORK is GOOD WORK!

Leaving to Come Again!

Time passed by like a flash and came the dusk. Darkness was setting upon and we had to leave the place to visit it some other day, again with the team, just like a fam. Yeah, this is how we do things at; Work with Fun. By the way, we are hiring sales and telesales executives nowadays. So, you can also be a part of us… send us your updated resume at Looking forward to seeing some new faces! Stay tuned and God bless my friend…Ciao!

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