Bushra Saqib Kiani, Pakistan’s First Female Social Media Controversy Expert

Being a Part of The QAYAD Fam

In this extremely competitive world of social media and hashtags, where all the time there is a hustle about trends, tweets, posts, and whatnot, it becomes quite difficult at times to shine brighter than the rest of the lot. Hailing from a humble background from Pakistan, Bushra Saqib Kiani is one such talented social media extraordinaire who has made the world acknowledge her as the first ever female social media controversy consultant in Pakistan.  

Since QAYAD is known in the sector for providing opportunities to individuals who have excelled in their respective fields. Bushra is currently a part of the QAYAD fam. But, before talking more about this, let’s delve deeper into her journey and witness for ourselves how she managed to overcome all the challenges and emerge victorious every time.

The World is Yours If You Want It!

Owing to its legacy, QAYAD.com always houses the individuals who outperform in their respective fields. It is the reason that QAYAD also excels in the field it is in working nowadays, that is to digitalize the real estate sector of Pakistan. Recognized by all the big names of the industry, like, The Other Side of Pakistan, Bolo Jawan, Betinomisogyny, Today Pakistan News, EasyBranches.com, and ECS Multi-Media Dubai, Bushra needs no formal introduction now. Quite rightly it has been regarded for gems like her, work in silences and let your success make the noise.

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How It All Began?

Bushra Saqib Kiani emerged from the ashes like a phoenix and quickly became a global phenomenon.  Battling through a rough childhood, and diagnosed with kidney stones at quite a young age, she was immensely tested by nature and had her fair share of rough patches. Yet, she emerged victorious and smiling, from all this. She is not a newbie when it comes to marketing, social media, and public affairs, with 15 years of profound experience. The whole QAYAD fam also acknowledges all her struggle and thinks of her as an honour to have in the team.

Exploring the Marketing Realm

She began her career from Cybernet Café back in 2005, burned midnight oil there, and finally made her own cell by the end of her term. She went on to do her Master’s degree in Marketing with a Bachelor in Mass Communication and finally found herself in Pakistan’s real estate business, in the capacity of an admin officer and account manager, eventually finding her way in 2013 in a marketing agency. Yeah, sounds pretty fascinating how a human can build his/her destiny with his/her own hands, that too purely on merit basis.

A Proud Representation of Pakistan

She also represents Pakistan’s education sector via her refined social media and strategic expertise, just how a patriotic Pakistani is supposed to behave. She is the entity behind arranging all the major Westminster gatherings, festivals, workshops, and consultation sessions. With such a profound level of expertise, you can easily imagine how rapidly QAYAD.com is progressing by availing her services.

Well, Well, Well… The Word Got Out!

In 2011, Bushra chose to venture into politics with all her knowledge and skills from the platform of a well-respected political party. She became the head of the Women Wing there. 2018 proved to be the year of advancement in her technical career when she took charge as a data analyst in a call center. She’s Pakistan’s First Social Media Scandal/Controversy Specialist. Her name is well known and reputed in a number of countries like Turkey, Thailand, Nepal, and Pakistan.

Not Stopping Anytime Soon!

She has just the right balance of presence and approach amongst the masses of Pakistan with an arsenal of bloggers, investors and influencers. Since working as a trainer and consultant at ECS Global, Dubai, Bushra has made her name known abroad as well. Hundreds, if not thousands, benefit from her Zoom online courses, which are broadcasted in more than ten nations. She is currently serving QAYAD, a renowned prop-tech company in Pakistan, in the capacity of Senior Social Media Strategist, and making new marks here!

Way to go Bushra!

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