Why Keep in Banks When You Can Grow Your Money?

Earning, Earning and Earning…What ‘Bout Saving?

No matter what field you are working in, you have to burn some real midnight oil to get yourself some of those thick fat stacks. But what happens after that? Yeah, like all the “intellects” out there, you too keep your savings in banks to save it for a rainy day, doesn’t you?

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Get The maximum Value Outta Those Savings

While doing so saves your money, it also makes you lose the time value of it. Think about it this way, let’s suppose you have deposited 1 crore in your bank account after going through a tough grind at work, that too for years, if not decades at least and then you intend  to “save” that amount in your account. Despite all the marginal yearly and monthly profits that the bank will give you on all that money, at the end of the day, it will still be peanuts as compared to the original amount, not even close to 1%.

What are the reasons of Materialism?

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Have Some Stakes…Explore the Prospects!

Plus, you will also not be having any sort of stakes in any projects and entities whatsoever, on the virtue of that money. Now if you would have invested the same amount of money in a profitable project, like those of real estate, you would have not only made quite a handsome amount of bucks, but after a few years down the line, you would also have shares and stakes in some reputable projects that you can later on sell as well or may be retain for your own personal use. This would have not only built your net worth quite a bit but also would have improved your investment portfolio a lot.

Mixed prospects in Canada's graduate recruitment market | Times Higher  Education (THE)

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QAYAD.com, Ease for All

More or less the  same sort of approach is being carried on by QAYAD.com, a leading Prop-Tech firm of Pakistan. We believe in providing the masses with the option of investing in some of the most profitable and lucrative projects in the twin cities, so that they can be in touch with the market, build their net worth, and be a part of the community that is building the nation.

QAYAD.com a trustable name in the PropTech Sector of Pakistan

Returns that Suit YOU!

With return rates as high as 1%, we have currently two of the most profitable projects currently in pipeline; the QAYAD Five Star Hotel and the QAYAD Residencia, both situated at the peaceful yet vital location of Bahria Town Phase-VII. Wanna know more ‘bout ‘em? Sure, you do! Do give a read to our blogs.

Be smart and stay updated, for you have every right to benefit yourself from projects like these!

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