23rd March, 2021, Make a Pledge Never to be Broken

Do We Really Celebrate it?

23rd March 1940! The day comes every year, we celebrate it, make new promises, aim to achieve new targets, way higher than the ones we aimed for before…but merely for a day, in fact, that’s too an exaggeration. Just after a few hours, we forget all those promises or the bubble of our instant patriotism pops and we return to being our real selves, in which we are way ruthless to consider the national interest before our own ones.  

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The Philosophy Behind

This seems sad, doesn’t it? But this, my friend, is unfortunately, the grim reality of our REAL selves. Let’s delve a bit deeper in the crux of celebrating this day. Why do we commemorate this day every year? Any idea? Yeah, right! A resolution  was passed demanding a separate homeland for the Muslims of the subcontinent. But it was way more than that! The philosophy, the legacy, was way more than the this. Iqbal thought of this land to be the beacon of opportunities for those who wanted to excel but couldn’t, at that time, due to the British oppression.

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Think…for a Second!

Now, take a deep breath, ponder over the current scenarios or even over the whole seventy four years since we have been independent. Have we truly broken out of the shackles of slavery that we were entrapped in before the partition? Nah!

What Are We Really Up to?

We still take pride in foolish things, quarrel with each other over literally nothing, to be honest! While the whole reason behind celebrating this day is to show unity; to show the world that we are united under this graceful green and white flag, under that glorious crescent and star. A full fledged parade is conducted by our brave and valiant troops every year, to convey the message of unity, to both, the world and the nation itself. But we really need to carry on this vibe of unity throughout the year and consider ourselves as one unit.

What Became of Our Mission?

Besides what became of our ambition to make this motherland the land of opportunities and innovation. Well, rather than making mere excuses and complaints, we decided to stand out from the rest of the crowd and do something that could really provide relief to the inhabitants of the homeland.

What QAYAD.com is Doing?

We undertook this mission of digitalizing the real estate sector of Pakistan, so that a common Pakistani can have stakes in this huge sector and be a part of the progressive stream. This is the little effort that we can put from our side, while being highly optimistic that one day, the real estate sector of Pakistan will be completely digital and accessible to a common man. Ease for All is what we are striving for!

QAYAD.com a trustable name in the PropTech Sector of Pakistan

God Bless My Friend!

May Allah give us and YOU enough strength to remain steadfast on our life goals and making them aligned with the national interests! That’s all folks!

Happy Resolution Day!

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