About Us

For the first time in Pakistan, QAYAD Real Estate Management brings you a digitalized investment opportunity inspired by the concept of the Stock Exchange. We believe that real estate investment should not be limited to a certain audience so we have introduced a unique concept that will now allow everyone to invest.


QAYAD’s fully digitalized Real Estate portal offers a variety of features for users who wish to invest in purchasing smaller units or shares. The portal allows users to sell, purchase, resale, or check the value of their property unit/share. So with this project, people from any class or background can now invest in units at any time.


Embedded with various optimized settings, this powerful portal offers a flexible functionality to its users. Through our portal, unit/shares owners can not only check the value of their units/shares but can also resale or purchase new units/shares. Starting from 5 Sq.ft. only, now you can invest any time and get units/ shares in Pakistan’s most promising real-estate projects!