23rd March, 2021, Make a Pledge Never to be Broken

We undertook this mission of digitalizing the real estate sector of Pakistan, so that a common Pakistani can have stakes in this huge sector and be a part of the progressive stream. This is the little effort that we can put from our side, while being highly optimistic that one day, the real estate sector of Pakistan will be completely digital and accessible to a common man. Ease for All is what we are striving for!

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Team Building Trip to Mushkpuri, a leading name in the corporate and PropTech sector of Pakistan, arranged a trip for the sake of team building. To develop the notions of respect, trust, and cooperation, the higher management at decided to spare some time and have a nice corporate trip to some soothing place like Mushkpuri. Give it a read, for I am going to give ya’ll a glimpse of what we did and how it is going to help us focus on our work more!

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We began by educating the masses about the concept of micro-investments and daily profits. Being the leading prop-tech of the homeland, we have shed light on the investment opportunities near ya! Then we threw in the ideas of “How to Invest?”, without breaking a bank. This was the utter need of time as we believe that the real estate market of Pakistan needs to be at par with that of any other prosperous nation of the world.

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QAYAD Launching Something BIG!

The degree of freedom this system of digitalization is going to deliver to the common masses is already being anticipated in the market quite direly. QAYAD is one such name you can rely on in this regard, as it offers micro-investments and there is a diverse range of projects available to you to invest in. Even our peers can vouch for us when it comes to our customer service and delivering the results on time.

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QAYAD on World Human Rights Day, 2020

Qayad has been leading the front of human rights since the beginning and has always made sure that all the company policies are aligned with the charter of human rights. We, at QAYAD, believe that mere declarations and clauses are not enough to support this noble cause. Solid steps are taken by the organization and its employees from time to time to make sure that the people in the surroundings are living their lives according to the Charter of Human Rights.

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